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When you are renting a property, it can seem like your ‘to-do’ list is never ending.

You have the day-to-day issues that pop up with tenants, financial and taxation tasks such as filing a tax return for landlords, and those pesky administrative jobs that have a habit of appearing out of nowhere.

If all the above sounds a little too familiar, then you should consider getting a little help.

Of course, getting assistance for each and every facet of being a landlord can feel like a job in itself. Thankfully, SCK Group is here to assist, as we provide property services for landlords who are looking for an overarching answer to their needs.

Here are seven services you may need, all of which, we can supply.


As a landlord, you may be worried about tenant turnover, not achieving market rent, and many other issues. At SCK, we provide a free consultation where we will discuss how we can help you with your property needs. Check out our tips for calculating taxes on Irish rental income.

As with any investment, it is always worthwhile to talk to the experts. We have experience dealing with every element of the rental market, so we understand what needs to be done to make your life easier.


Letting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of being a landlord. It is also one of the most important, as you want to ensure you get the right tenant at the right rent.

SCK can help you along with all of this. We look after everything, from the advertising to the reference check.

In the medium term, having the right person renting your property will save you money and our expertise and experience will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Property Management

Unfortunately, as a landlord, you also must deal with the management the property.

This can be incredibly time consuming. Tenants require a point of contact and properties occasionally require maintenance and repairs.

If you decide to partner with SCK, we will take a proactive approach to all of this, regularly inspecting your investment and keeping you abreast of any issues that may arise.


When it comes to a property investment, maintenance can feel like a tedious chore.

However, if you choose SCK, you can avail of our expert maintenance team.

Not only that, but we can also assist you if the place requires a refurbishment.

Our skilled team can help bring your property back to life and in doing so, get you a better rental rate.

For this, you can pay us over time from the rent received.

It’s even interest free!


The regulatory environment around renting can be difficult to navigate. The complexities associated with rent controls, leases and other obligations are a headache for landlords.

We can take care of this and in doing so, keep you compliant and legally sound as a landlord.

Rent Monitoring & Collection

Of course, rent collection and monitoring is something that you can do yourself, but why spend time engaged with this, when we can look after it for you.

If you choose SCK, we will set up a bank rental account, co-ordinate deposits, advance rent & standing orders, and monitor and collect your rent each month.

You will save time and we will also keep you informed of ongoing developments with your investment.

Accounting & Taxation

As a landlord, you will need an accountant. Why hire a separate firm to help you with this?

SCK allows you to keep all your property needs within the one service provider. We will look at where you can make tax savings, submit your returns and give you a solution that solves all your landlord needs. If you are a non-resident landlord, check out our post on how non-resident landlords can avoid 20% tax deduction on Irish rents.

Being a landlord

Of course, you can take on some of these jobs yourself, or go to several different service providers.

However, when you choose SCK, you are keeping all your property needs under the one roof. Our all-in solution is a complete end-to-end service covering letting, management, maintenance, compliance, accounting & taxation.