What is an All In Solution for Landlords?


Many landlords take the DIY letting route, without realising how much time is involved and how important it is to find the right tenant. SCK Group will advertise, hold viewings, interview & carry out reference checks on your behalf ensuring we find the best tenant for you. Our stand alone letting fee is typically the first months rent, however it is provided free as part of the Landlord All-In Solution.

Rent Monitoring & Collections

Rent monitoring is an important aspect of cashflow management. On your behalf we will set up a bank rental account, co-ordinate deposits, advance rent & standing orders, and most importantly monitor & collect your rent each month.

Rental Accounts & Tax Returns

No need to engage an accountant separately, we provide expert tax advice for landlords with properties in Ireland. We identify any tax savings available, prepare your rental accounts and submit your tax return to the revenue, all included in our Landlord All-In Solution.
If you are a Non-Resident Landlord, meaning you live overseas, we will register as your Tax Collection Agent as standard. This is a requirement unique to overseas landlords, and you can learn more about it here.


You now have great tenants in your property, and we will remain as their direct contact point throughout the lease. We believe in a preventative approach to property management: We will regularly inspect your property, carry out repairs and maintenance as required & remain in regular contact with you regarding any updates on your investment.


Having difficulty letting your property because it is in need of repair, why not avail of the Property Refurbishment Scheme from SCK Group? Our Property Refurbishment Scheme is tailored to landlords whose property is in need of anything from a small "freshen-up" to complete refurbishment. Our maintenance team will carry out the repairs and you can pay us over time from the rent received - interest free! Contact us today, and we will provide you with a tailored quotation.

Legal & Compliance

The regulatory environment continues to become more complex. We will look after everything from lease documents, to notice periods to tenant registrations with the RTB and ensure you remain compliant in your capacity as a landlord.


What are the fees for the Landlord-All in Plan and what is covered?

A let (if required, as you may already have a tenant in-situ), ongoing property management, your rental accounts, your annual tax return, tax collection agent service and everything in between – all included! You can see a detailed breakdown of our pricing here. We also have a useful guide here to compare our pricing to typical property letting & management agent fees.

How much rent should I get on my rental property?

One of our experienced property Letting Agents will research current market data and will call to your property for an initial assessment. Following this assessment, we will provide you with a recommended rent level. Upon your approval we will market the property at that level. We will review your rent each year and issue rent increase notices to ensure it is keeping up with market rent.

How will you market my property, and what online portals will you use?

We are highly proactive in finding tenants. We don’t just sit back and wait for people to call, but will contact prospective tenants on our books and make sure your property is seen by as many people as possible. You want a good tenant, but also you want your property let out as soon as possible – any time your property sits empty is time that you are losing money.

Once instructed, your property will be advertised on all of the most popular and recognised property rental portals in Ireland to provide the greatest possible exposure for your property (typically we use: daft.ie, rent.ie, let.ie and myhome2let.ie.)

How does rent monitoring and collections work?

Rent monitoring is an important aspect of cashflow management. On your behalf we will collect rent into our dedicated & regulated client account, co-ordinate deposits, advance rent & standing orders, and most importantly monitor & collect your rent each month. We operate a monthly payment run to landlords, and transfer your rents collected to the bank account nominated by you every month.

How do you vet potential tenants?

Rent arrears and tenant disputes can cause huge problems down the line, so you must make sure they will be avoided at all costs. For your own peace of mind, we screen all potential tenants and verify identity.

We also require tenants to provide references from the following sources: previous landlord(s), employer and bank or other financial institution.

All references are checked thoroughly and confirmed prior to the signing of lease agreements.

What happens if rent on my property falls into arrears?

Tenants who stop paying rent are one of the biggest problems for private landlords. Resolving the situation can be a lengthy and stressful process. Our arrears property management process starts with the initial selection and vetting of tenants and continues with ongoing real-time monitoring of your rent collections – if your rent is even one day past its due date in any given month, we commence engagement with the tenant immediately. If the situation cannot be resolved after reaching out to the tenant, we will consult with you on the remedial options available to you and take the required next steps. For further reading, see our guide on what to do when a tenant stops paying rent.

In managing my property, do you involve me in the decision making?

You will have a dedicated property manager who will tailor our property services to your preference and we will agree with you at the outset how little or how much you would like to be involved.

You may wish that we make every decision with regard to your rental property on your behalf, or you may prefer to be more hands on and remain involved with the day to day decisions in managing your rental property.

Some landlords like to delegate decision making up to a set cost level (say up to €500) – for example, you might not want to be involved in decisions on routine items such as replacing dishwashing machines, while you may want to remain involved in more significant, higher cost repair or property maintenance events – even if it is just to approve a maintenance works proposal that we pull together for you. Your dedicated property manager will be the direct contact point for your tenant at all times.

Do you have an in-house property maintenance team?

Our first move when a tenant raises a maintenance request, is to call to the residential property ourselves to inspect the issue, rather than immediately calling out a maintenance contractor. Calling out a property maintenance contractor straight away would cost you a minimum of a call out fee each time.

In our experience, 80% of issues raised by tenants can be resolved by our in-house team through troubleshooting with the tenant. This saves you on incurring unnecessary call out fees each time the tenant raises a query. Where the issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, we have a dedicated network of experienced and professional maintenance providers on call 24/7 to attend to the issue.

Do you look after RTB registration, and other compliance requirements?

The regulatory environment in the property sector in Ireland continues to become more complex. We will look after everything from lease documents, to notice periods to tenant registrations with the RTB and ensure you remain compliant in your capacity as a landlord.

Your landlord all-in package includes my tax return for free, do you do this in-house?

Yes, we have a team of chartered accountants in-our property management company. We will advise you on all available tax deductions and tax reliefs available to you, prepare your rental accounts and prepare your income tax computation. After your review, and once happy, we will submit your tax return to the revenue on your behalf each year.

How can you offer such competitive prices?

We do not have an expensive bricks & mortar retail network. Instead we take a hybrid approach: smart use of technology, combined with a centralised office located in Dublin. We keep our overheads down, and pass the saving onto you.

How do I sign up, and when can you start working for me?

Please contact us and one of our letting agents will be in touch with you to arrange a preliminary meeting, either at our offices or by video call – this consultation is free of charge, and the aim is to get to know one another and to find out how we can help you.

After our first call with you, we will move as quickly or as slowly as you would like. We can have your property inspected, rent assessed and advertised within 24 hours.