As a small business owner in Ireland, payroll is at the top of your to-do list. Yet, it isn’t an easy task and can take up a significant amount of your time. This guide will help you navigate payroll challenges you may be experiencing.
Are you thinking about starting a small business online in Ireland? That's a great idea and we have all the tips you need to succeed. Learn everything here!
The 2016 Census revealed that almost half a million Irish households are now rental properties, a marked increase on the 2011 figure.When commercial rental property is added to the mix, it becomes obvious that the rental sector is a booming one. With demand for property at unprecedented levels, more and more people enter the market
How a small business owner in Ireland can use a pension to minimise their tax rate while moving toward retirement. The Background We all know the top rate of income tax in Ireland can be as high as 55%.  This means that you are giving away more than half of everything you earn when your
Property Investment Using an SSAP Click here to speak to us! A Summary Overview   A Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP) is a Revenue Approved scheme which is set up by a company for an employee or for a director. The key benefit of an SSAP is that the individual has more direct control over his/her
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