Are you thinking about starting a small business online in Ireland? That's a great idea and we have all the tips you need to succeed. Learn everything here!
Rental Income 101: Helpful Tips for Calculating Taxes on Irish Rental Income The 2016 Census revealed that almost half a million Irish households are now rental properties, a marked increase on the 2011 figure. When commercial rental property is added to the mix, it becomes obvious that the rental sector is a booming one. With
How a small business owner in Ireland can use a pension to minimise their tax rate while moving toward retirement. The Background We all know the top rate of income tax in Ireland can be as high as 55%.  This means that you are giving away more than half of everything you earn when your
Guide to Investing in Property Through Your Pension in Ireland Using an SSAP Click here to speak to us! A Summary Overview A Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP) is a Revenue Approved scheme which is set up by a company for an employee or for a director. The key benefit of an SSAP is that the
Sole Traders: The Incorporation decision An important decision point for every sole trader in Ireland is whether to incorporate their business, and when it makes sense to do it. Some business owners in Ireland will incorporate from the very start, while others will commence as a sole trader and either remain this way or at
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