Ireland's Only All In Solution For Non Resident Landlords

If you are living abroad and earn rental income from a residential property in Ireland you are in the Non Resident Landlord (NRL) category for taxation purposes.

Non resident landlords are liable to Irish income tax on rental income from properties within Ireland and must file an Irish Tax Return.

SCK Group specialises in non resident landlords: we provide a complete end-to-end service covering letting, management, maintenance, compliance, accounting & taxation.

Non Resident Landlords look to SCK Group when:

  • Living abroad, they are searching for a single provider in Ireland to look after all aspects of their investment.
  • Unsure what their tax obligations are in Ireland, and want expert advice
  • Concerned they are not achieving market rent, and due to rent controls and rent pressure zone regulation in Ireland they want professional advice on how best to proceed
  • Looking for someone in Ireland to coordinate ongoing repairs & maintenance, tenant queries & tenant turnover and general monitoring of  their investment. 
  • They simply don’t have the time to look after their property investments

What is an All In Solution for Non Resident Landlords?


It is important to find the right tenant - SCK Group will advertise, hold viewings, interview & carry out reference checks on your behalf ensuring we find the best tenant for you. Our stand alone letting fee is typically the first months rent, however it is provided free as part of the Non Resident Landlord All-In Solution.

Rent Monitoring & Collections

The standard practice for non resident landlords is that your tenant withholds the standard 20% income tax from their monthly rent and pays it to the revenue on your behalf. We will register as your tax collection agent, thereby bypassing the need for your tenant to withhold any tax amounts.

Rent monitoring is an important aspect of cashflow management. On your behalf we will set up a bank rental account, co-ordinate deposits, advance rent & standing orders, and most importantly monitor & collect 100% of your rent amount each month, acting as your resident tax collection agent.

Rental Accounts & Tax Returns

Non resident landlords are liable to Irish income tax on rental income from properties within Ireland and must file an Irish Tax Return.

No need to engage an accountant separately, we provide expert tax advice for landlords with properties in Ireland. We identify any tax savings available, prepare your rental accounts and submit your tax return to the revenue, all included in our Non Resident Landlord All-In Solution.


You now have great tenants in your property, and we will remain as their direct contact point throughout the lease. We believe in a preventative approach to property management: We will regularly inspect your property, carry out repairs and maintenance as required & remain in regular contact with you regarding any updates on your investment.


Having difficulty letting your property because it is in need of repair & you are based overseas, why not avail of the Property Refurbishment Scheme from SCK Group? Our Property Refurbishment Scheme is tailored to landlords whose property is in need of anything from a small "freshen-up" to complete refurbishment. Our maintenance team will carry out the repairs and you can pay us over time from the rent received - interest free! Contact us today, and we will provide you with a tailored quotation.

Legal & Compliance

The regulatory environment continues to become more complex in Ireland. We will look after everything from lease documents, to notice periods to tenant registrations with the RTB and ensure you remain compliant in your capacity as a landlord.

If any questions, please ask.