1. Make out a Budget Plan. The purpose of preparing a budget plan is to give your greater control of your finances by determining how much you can spend and save each month without getting into debt. If you discover that you are spending more than you earn, then it is essential that you make the appropriate changes to your finances to start clearing your debts.
  2. Claim all your tax credits and health expenses. You can also claim for refuse charges, some tuition fees, rent, prescription charges, saving you valuable cash each year.
  3. Review your insurance policies and shop around for the best rates for home, life, health and motor insurance as each of these policies come up for renewal.
  4. Avoid phoning 1890 numbers on your mobile where possible. If you have inclusive minutes from your mobile provider you will be charged for 1890 numbers, whereas a call to a geographic number will be taken from your inclusive minutes. Visit www.saynoto1890.com for details.
  5. Switch your electricity supplier. Airtricity and Board Gáis are cheaper than ESB. Visit www.thebigswitch.ie or www.airtricity.com
  6. Have you got money on deposit in a low or zero interest savings account? Review your savings account and shop around for a better rate. For every €5000 you switch from a zero rated account to an account offering 3.75% pa will give you €150 extra per annum after DIRT.

Contact our Accountancy or Financial Services Departments if you need further advice or assistance. 01-2910800 info@sckgroup.ie