Emma Kennedy writes in The Sunday Business Post about the differences in attitude between men and women, towards their finances.

Adam and Eve had very different approaches to risk and reward.

But a fundamental difference in how men and women operate was not confined to the Garden of Eden, with many modern day Adams and Eves still taking a very different view of many things, not least money.

Recent figures from Standard Life showed a difference in the level of financial confidence of men and women.

The financial confidence index found that men displayed a greater level of confidence than women, with men’s confidence ranked at almost 55 out of 100, compared with 52 for women.

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The Sunday Business Post (20 June 2010) has an interesting article by Emma Kennedy on how to ‘Turn Down Your Spending’ in order to increase your ability to save.

1. Be a technosaur. Marketing can convince us that we absolutely must upgrade our antiquated gizmos and gadgets in favour of much shinier, sleeker and more expensive versions.

The top-of-the-range phone, television, MP3 player or home sound system may have come down in price considerably due to the recession. But relative value is not a good enough reason to make a purchase. Unless you really need the bells and whistles version, forsake it in favour of your reliable dinosaur.

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