Life insurance is a tricky one, no one wants to think about it and no one wants their loved-ones to be left without it after they’re gone. We generally advise considering a life insurance policy at the point when you are no longer just looking out for yourself i.e. either when you get married or … continue reading
Small to medium sized family owned businesses remain the cornerstone of the economy in Ireland. When it comes to family businesses, the rate of growth of the business often slows down with each transition onto the next generation. This might be due to outside factors, for example, a maturing sector or industry within which the … continue reading
Having spent a lifetime building your business, you are looking to your retirement and trying to figure out how to get money out of your company, hoping to keep more in your pocket, and less in the pocket of the tax collector. Here we talk through 3 cash extraction “tools” which can be used, either … continue reading
Every aspect of our lives is continuously evolving, and the rate of change is continuously increasing. Some fear this change. Some fear the robots are coming to take over our jobs. Others embrace the technology. Whatever your position, we have outlined 5 of the biggest advances in accounting technology for small businesses in Ireland which … continue reading
As Christmas & New Years approaches, be sure to check your tax credit list twice Unclaimed tax reliefs, allowable expenses and tax credits could save you hundreds and in some cases even thousands. But time is running out for 2014 tax period as the revenue allows a look-back of just 4 years and once the … continue reading
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