In a recent Sunday Business Post article, it was reported that Appian Asset Management will launch a new equity fund at the end of this month.  A minimum investment of €50,000 will be required and a return of 8% per annum is expected.  It is higher risk than Appian’s main Value Fund, which invests in a range of assets.

Sunday Business Post Article – “Conservative investments are starting to pay off for Appian “

Appian believes that equities will “become the asset class of choice” over the next five to seven years, given that they are liquid, offer geographic diversification and have low exit costs.

The new equity fund will focus on companies with low debt, sustainable dividends and will initially focus on US and Europe.  Sectors in which the fund will invest include the medical device area, healthcare and some utility stocks.

“We have demand from younger customers who would like more equities,” said Kevin Menton, director of Appian which also hopes to attract a new generation of investors.

At the moment, most clients are in a pre- and post-retirement stage, but this fund is hoping to appeal to people interested in investing over a longer period. “This is a long-term fund and, if people can’t put their money in for five years, they shouldn’t put it in,” Menton said.

Menton said that some investors didn’t understand the importance of dividends. “Sometimes, people look at equities and think of the capital gains, but a very important part of the total return is dividends,” he said.