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At SCK Group we specialise in payroll for UK companies operating a subsidiary in Ireland.  In general, the responsibility for processing PAYE, PRSI, USC deductions falls on the UK employer.  However, if the UK employer does not process Irish PAYE payments, the responsibility falls on the subsidiary in Ireland.  There are some exceptions, which must be Revenue approved in advance, i.e. if the number of days worked by the employee(s) in Ireland falls below certain limits. But in general if a company does not process PAYE etc for it’s employees in Ireland, it exposes the subsidiary company here to the risk of interest payments and penalites for late payments.

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AIB is to launch a €22 million venture capital fund for investment in early-stage companies, as part of its commitment under the government’s bank recapitalisaton strategy, according to last Sunday’s Business Post newspaper.

For many years, we have been advising our clients to ‘over-pay’ their mortgage if they can. With deposit interest rates low and condsidering DIRT, it made more sense to clear down debt rather than increase savings. This is still the case, but with most entrepreneurs and individuals in survival mode, not many will be able to pay more. However, it still makes sense if you can afford to do so. Last week we saw the first increase in ECB interest rates for some time, how many more increases will follow? If nothing else, paying extra on your mortgage each month now, will prepare you for the increased repayment in the months to come, and you will be reducing your debt. For tips on how to keep your mortgage costs down, see the article in last Sunday’s Business Post

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