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Quit Smoking and buy an Apartment

New apartments for as little as €70,000, the cost of the mortgage works out to be less than a pack of cigarettes a day.

Quit smoking and buy and apartment !!!

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Outsourcing Payroll

In The Sunday Business Post (28th March 2010), Dave Boland writes about the value of outsourcing payroll.

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According to a number of articles in The Sunday Business Post (March 28th 2010), First-time buyers have begun to make a move into the Property Market.  With prices falling and expected to fall some more, affordability has improved and many potential buyers are considering whether now is the right time to buy their first home.

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Mortgage arrears are often part of a bigger debt picture that could involve credit card bills, car finance and credit union loans. The question is often which do you pay first? A lot of people think that it is perhaps okay not to pay their mortgage because they think the bank themselves are offering grace because of the exceptional economic circumstances. Often, people pay their credit card bills before they pay their mortgage because credit cards can be seen as a form of income.

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An interesting article entitled “The PRTB – a fair deal for landlords?”

Click below to view the article or you can download a printable version here.

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After reading a recent Aviva mailshot I noticed a statistic indicating that annual savings out of disposable income in 2010 will be €10 billion higher than they were in 2008.

People have cottoned on to the idea of saving. My view is for people with borrowings to realise the optimum way for them to save is by accelerating the repayments on their debts, be they mortgages, credit cards or personal loans. By doing this they are effectively getting a return of the interest rate being charged on the debt, which is much higher than sticking the funds on deposit and having to pay DIRT into the bargain.

An interesting Article from Irish Independent, by Charlie Weston, headed Cannibals Rule makes for an interesting read on the subject.

Also, PTSB article in RTÉ Business News confirms savings is the new mortgage, but now the financial institution owes you the money, as opposed to you owing them the money!!!

For more information on Mortgages and Savings Advice contact Pat Nestor or 01-2910800.

In a recent Sunday Business Post article, it was reported that Appian Asset Management will launch a new equity fund at the end of this month.  A minimum investment of €50,000 will be required and a return of 8% per annum is expected.  It is higher risk than Appian’s main Value Fund, which invests in a range of assets.

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In Irish Times 11th March 2010, there is the report of a case taken by ACC Bank against a developer, who has been unable to pay his loans.

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Business Start-up Capital

Ireland needs to increase the amount of capital it has available for young business ideas if it is to start and grow enterprises on an “unprecedented scale”, according to the draft report, in today’s Irish Times.

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